Samsung NC20 Netbook Picks Up The Pace With VIA CPU

While a number of bloggers have taken to calling the Samsung NC20 a notebook, we know better. At 12 inches it is comparable to a Dell Mini 12 in size, its RAM and HDD combination are a well known netbook favorite, and the only outlying quality about it – the VIA Nano U2250 CPU – is at least comparable to the Intel Atom in power. The Samsung NC20 is definitely a netbook, but we will admit that it stretches the lines a bit.

It beats out Atom-based netbooks in most benchmarks, has a 3 hour 40 minute battery life, and weighs 3.3 pounds with a 12.1-inch LCD screen. For $550 it’s expensive for a netbook, but we’ve seen worse.

Samsung is planning to double its presence in the netbook market in the near future, and the NC20 shows it means to take this promise seriously. Be sure to take a look at the Samsung NC10 if you’re on the market for a Samsung netbook.

Via Wired.

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