Samsung to Release World’s Thinnest Flash Memory Chip

Recently, Samsung has revealed a multi-chip memory package that can be used for mobile electronic devices like laptops and netbooks. The chip package is a mere 0.02 inch thick and provides 32 GB of storage. It’s 40% thinner and lighter than the conventional memory package.

Samsung’s new memory chip package features a thinner “bare” chip that measures half the thickness of a conventional chip. The chip package includes eight stacked NAND flash chips that were built using a 30-nanometer production process.

With creations like these that increase the amount of memory that can be stored while maintaining the same physical size and weight of the storage space, perhaps the size of computing devices will shrink in the future. Maybe the average size of netbooks will even get smaller.

The new Samsung memory chip package could also be housed in solid state drives as replacements for hard disk drives.

Via InformationWeek.

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