SkyCross iMAT Antenna Offers Simultaneous Bluetooth & Wi-Fi In Netbooks

Mobility is key in the netbook world, and manufacturers are always racing to pack the most punch into the smallest space, provided they can do so at a price amenable to consumers. New technology has a huge impact on netbook makers’ ability to do just that, and the new SkyCross iMAT antenna is the next logical step in netbook improvement.

The Skycross iMAT antenna is meant to combine multiple functions into one device – an antenna that supports simultaneous Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection. By providing 35 dB of isolation between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals, the new antenna will allow netbook users to access both without interference.

By cutting out the need for Wi-Fi cards and Bluetooth models, some netbooks implementing the SkyCross iMAT antenna will have room for accessories like 3G cards or flash memory.

Via I4U.

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