Sluggish Netbook Performance Feared For Windows 7

Microsoft claims that Windows 7 will run great on netbooks, but how tested is this claim? Most netbooks run XP totally fine but run slowly. While it seems likely that 7 will be more resource-taxing than XP, will it really be light-weight enough to run on an Intel Atom?

Windows 7 Starter Edition is the version that’s been tested on most netbooks. We don’t have to worry about a three-application limit, as was earlier rumored, but Starter Edition does disable some features… like the ability to change your desktop background.

Netbooks running the full version of Windows 7 might therefore suffer in performance, a prediction corroborated by the Washington Post on a Lenovo IdeaPad S10-2. Their conclusions?

“So while it looks as though Windows 7 will run on a netbook, you may want to take the OS for a spin on a demo netbook at a store before you decide to upgrade.”

That’s sound advice. There are only 22 days left until 7 is launched, so look out for many more updates about the new Windows OS in the coming weeks.

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