Sportstake 13 Weekend Results

Playing And Winning Sportstake 13

Sportstake 13 is one of the lottery games available to the South African public. The “13” in the lottery’s name references the number of games players have to predict correctly to win the jackpot.

There is a “lower” version of the game, called Sportstake 8. It is so-called because the number of games is fewer – 8 games, with predictions for each half, making a total of 16 predictions.

How To Play Sportstake 13

Sportstake 13 is symbolic in that the title of the lottery game draws from the number featured games you have to predict: 13. Contrary to what you might assume, Sportstake 13 is not complicated, and even a with a half brain can play it.

The game is similar to Sportstake 8, and if you can play one, you can play the other.

To play the game you only have to predict the outcome of 13 predetermined football matches from various leagues around the world. The first step is to get a betslip of the Sportstake 13 fixtures and predict the outcome of 13 matches.

Mark “1” for a home win, “x” for a draw and “2” for away win. Take the bet slip to a legit lottery retailer and pay for the bet you are making. Make sure to write your name at the back. You will receive a receipt from the retailer showing the numbers you choose.

Watch out for draws on Mondays and Fridays at 5pm. The authority on this is the National Lottery of South Africa.

Claiming Your Sportstake 13 Winnings

Like every other lottery out there, the chances of winning Sportstake 13 are pretty slip. But then to enter the lottery is to stand a chance of winning.  The only person who cannot win is the one who didn’t enter.

So it is okay to try your luck. Win or lose, the memory of the adventure will stay with you a long time.

If you won you would have to claim your winnings within the next 90 to 365 days.

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