Sportstake 13 Midweek/Weekend Fixtures

Here’s what you should know about popular game Sportstake 13.

Sportstake 13 is one of the two pool on soccer matches offered by the National Lottery. The other is Sportstake 8. It is a soccer jackpot pool with its top prize exceeding R300,000. This is won for correctly predicting all 13 featured results of each round.

Two tickets are usually available for Sportstake 13 each week; Midweek and weekend. Prizes can also be won for predicting either 10, 11 or 12 matches out of 13. This is unlike a lot of sports games which require players to get all predictions correctly.

Many say that it is one of the easiest and cheapest games in the country. It is also quite popular because the National Lottery promotes it heavily.

Soccer fans can predict the results of games following the tips and predictions provided to help them. Predictions are made based on each teams performance in the current season and based on their past games. 

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