Steve Jobs Emails Apple Customers

I am so incredibly jealous—I want an email from Steve!

According to the latest news, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has been personally responding to Apple customers’ emails. One user asked him about a universal inbox on the iPhone’s Mail app. The current app supports multiple accounts but each account has a separate inbox. Jobs said that the iPhone will have this capability.

Another customer asked Jobs about whether transferring Google Docs to the iPad through or iDisk. Jobs replied in the affirmative. Both of these messages from Jobs bore the tagline “Sent from my iPad.”

Another customer wrote to ask about whether Apple plans to support Picasa’s faces and albums features. Jobs said, “No, but iPhoto on the Mac has much better Faces and Places features.” That email was sent from Jobs’ iPhone which is apparently running the older version of the iPhone OS.

Other emails have concerned the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines of computers and the availability of the iPad from Apple resellers.

Via Computerworld, image via Wikipedia.

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