Steve Jobs: It’s Time to “Think Big”

Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, met with the company’s shareholders this Thursday. He told the shareholders that the $40 billion Apple has will not be returned to them as dividends because of the flexibility and security it provides to the company.

According to a news article, Jobs reportedly said that Apple has gotten so big that it is now time for the company to “think big.” He added, “When you take risks, it’s like jumping in the air. When they don’t work out, it’s nice to know the ground is always there.” Some analysts are interpreting this as a reference to the upcoming Apple product, the iPad, which is a huge gamble for Apple.

Even though Apple has a lot of money, it really does not buy very much: six companies in the past five years. Its most recent acquisition, Lala, has been seen by analysts as a possible way for Apple to go into the streaming music business. Also, Apple is planning to open more stores in China—twenty-five of them, to be exact.

Via Wired.

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