SugarSync Remote Access Tool For Android Netbooks Coming Soon

While Android netbooks have been slow to hit the market, developer Sharpcast will be ready to rock with its new cross-platform media synchronizing SugarSync software whenever they do.

SugarSync can be used as a remote access tool or an online backup. You get the apps for free and pay for storage, and you can access files you upload from multiple desktops, laptops, netbooks or phones.

Sharpcast only guarantees SugarSync’s mobile photo transfer app on Android phones, but once SugarSync comes to Android netbooks all file types should be available.

You can tap one button on the Android start screen to access your uploaded files.

Downsides include the fact that SugarSync takes time to set up on desktop computers. Furthermore, uploading files from smartphones takes a long time. Hopefully both of these issues should be resolved for the netbook version of SugarSync.

Be sure to check out SugarSync on a variety of platforms:

SugarSync for Windows
SugarSync for Mac
SugarSync for Windows Mobile
SugarSync for iPhone
SugarSync for BlackBerry

Via CNet.