Taiwanese Netbook Vendors Cut Prices

DigiTimes is suggesting that Taiwanese netbook sellers will be cutting price tages on netbooks running  the Intel Atom N270 and N280, mostly be Acer, ASUS, BenQ, and MSI.

One explanation suggests that demand for ultrathins is depriving the netbook market of consumers, though theories like that have failed in the past.

Another relevant question – will these price cuts come to the US as well? It might be worth it to wait and see how netbook prices hold up by the holidays. In Taiwan, the trends have been as follows:

While the average selling price of netbooks in Taiwan has dropped from around $490 to below $460, some specific models have seen much sharper price cuts. BenQ’s 10-inch Joybook Lite U101, for example, used to sell for about $550 but can now be had for around $325, or 40 percent less than its launch price. And it’s not just BenQ. Asus’ Eee PC S101H, originally priced at about $525, now sells in the vicinity of $415. MSI-‘s 10-inch Wind U100 can now be found for around $340, while Acer’s Atom N280-based Aspire One D150 sells for a little over $350…”

We’ll keep you posted about any price drops as they come, but if you discover any yourself, be sure to Contact us so we can get the word out. Keep your eyes peeled.

Via DigiTimes.

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