Targus Releases 12″ Neoprene Netbook Cases

Image via APCnet

Everyone’s saying netbooks are getting bigger, so it seems pretty natural that their accessories will follow suit. Targus already has a host of accessories available for netbooks, but now it’s updating the lineup with a set of netbook cases.

The new cases are ideal for 12″ netbooks, and come in a variety of materials and colors. Four of them are made of neoprene, including  a $24.99 Sport Netbook Slipcase, a TSA-friendly $19.99 Netbook Slipskin Peel, as well as a $24.99 Netbook Slipcase with Mini Pocket with a zipper for whatever else you’d like to tote around, like a hard drive or mouse.

One final option is the $24.99 Netbook Slipcase with Accessory Pocket, perfect for holding bigger accessories like power adapters.

We’ll be on the lookout for more details, but here’s the publicity provided by Targus if you just can’t wait.

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