Texas High-Schoolers to Get Netbooks Soon, Middle-Schoolers in 2010

As computers are playing an increasing role in the daily lives of students, students attending high school in the Northwest district of Texas will be issued netbooks in early fall of 2009. These netbooks will be used for homework and for activities in the classroom.

Issuing netbooks to all students will level the playing field for those who otherwise would not be able to afford a netbook, laptop, or other similar computing device.

Families may be charged an annual usage fee for these netbooks. This usage fee is still in the process of being determined. If students lose or damage their netbooks, families should expect to be charged a replacement cost. An (optional) insurance program is supposed to be available as well, to lessen the amount of the penalty.

There will be parent and teacher training sessions to learn how to use the new netbooks and technology.

The Northwest district has stopped purchasing desktop computers altogether and has been issuing laptops to teachers since October of 2008. The netbooks that high-schoolers will receive for the upcoming school year are part of the Northwest district’s long-range technology program.

It is rumored that a similar program will be available for middle-schoolers starting in the year 2010.

Via Star-Telegram.

Image via OnAnEJourney.

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