The 10.2″ Cool Bananas Hard Cover Netbook Case

Netbooks are meant to be portable, but moving a computer around all the time can be risky. Minor dings accumulate over time, and before you know it your $300 machine is useless. So what’s to be done?

The Cool Bananas Hard Case is an accessory meant for those who value their netbooks’ safety. It’s not just a soft cover or sleeve, like other so-called netbook cases – its shock-resistant materials are designed to vastly reduce the dangers of bringing your netbook everywhere.

From a design standpoint, the netbook case looks professional. The hard case is covered in black fabric for easy grip, and the handles connect with a conveniently placed Velcro strip so you don’t have to fumble around when you need to grab your netbook and go.

The inside is soft, and will be kind to the finer parts of your netbook. The Cool Bananas Hard Case will likely fit 10.2-inch netbooks best, but is capable of handling netbooks as small as 8.9 inches. Regardless, the inner fixing belt will keep your machine safely steady during any biking commute or turbulent plane ride.

Other useful features include an inner pocket for carrying around other accessories and a shoulder strap.

According to the website, the Cool Bananas Hard Case can accomodate the following netbooks:

However, any netbook in the 8.9″-10.2″ range should fit fine as well. I was personally pleased with the Cool Bananas Hard Case I reviewed, so if you’re interested, you can purchase it at for only £21.95 (or around $36.11 USD).

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