The Apple Tablet May Be a Reality This January

There have been so many rumors about the possible tablet that it’s ridiculous. But two recent pieces of news indicate that this much-anticipated device may turn out to be a reality.

First, told some of its developers to make versions of iPhone apps that will work on a device with a larger screen. Second, Apple has reportedly booked Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco for a period of time in late January. Add to this a mobile industry source who has said this “mystery device” will be shown at the event but will not be ready to ship.

used to not announce products before launch, but changed their tune on this with the iPhone. The January event would be the perfect opportunity to announce their new tablet. Of course, it’s all rumors at this point, but it’s tempting to say that an Apple tablet is looking more and more likely.

The overwhelming question I have now is: are users ready for this kind of interface change? I am envisioning the tablet without a physical keyboard, but I know I am personally not ready to give up mine. Any successful device might implement an external keyboard option, as displayed here.


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