The Dangers Of The NVIDIA Ion Netbook Chip

A blogger over at I4U has mentioned a serious concern for the upcoming NVIDIA Ion platform for netbooks. While it has confidently promised to dominate the market, it may also weigh so heavily on netbook price that it won’t be worth it anymore.ASUS made come comments back during CES, hinting that it would shy away from the platform. Why? The NVIDIA Ion sounds great on paper, but unfortunately it’s expected to add $150 to the price of the machines. It is pretty evident that other manufacturers are thinking similarly, simply because we haven’t seen any concept netbooks using it yet.To many consumers, 1080p video and better GPU won’t be worth the $150. It’s likely that the quality will be far more noticeable on larger screens, but on 10-inch mobile PCs the benefit will be limited.Netbook manufacturers have made forays into luxury PC arena with the Vaio P and Viliv 7, but for the most part the massive successes of the industry are credited to netbooks’ great value. We’ll be following developments on the graphics chip closely, but for now it seems like its successes will be limited.Via I4U.

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