The HP Mini 110 Tord Boontje Edition Netbook

Vivienne Tam soon won’t be the only designer out there with a netbook on the market – Tord Boonjte is now getting a turn with his edition of the HP Mini 110 netbook.

The design has an ink layer worked into the polycarbonate shell, designed to provide onlookers a ‘three dimensional effect’, with hidden patterns revealed when you look at the netbook from different angles.

It will also come with 15 customized netbook wallpapers designed by Boonjte himself. Furthermore, the netbook will ship with Windows 7 Starter Edition, which appears to reveal an idiosyncrasy; after all, Microsoft doesn’t allow you to change the background in the low-cost editions of its OS. However, HP is partnering with StarDock to load MyColors software onto this netbook, allowing users to use the backgrounds.

The netbook will go on sale for only $399, loads cheaper than the Vivienne Tam Edition’s starting price of $700.

Images via Engadget.

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