The iPad’s WiFi Issues

Oh, dear. The iPad has been available to customers for a grand total of three days and it already has a problem. The problem concerns erratic behavior connecting to WiFi networks.

Users on Apple’s support forum complained of weak WiFi signals and being unable to connect to WiFi after waking up the iPad from standby. Apple has acknowledged the problem, saying that it happens with dual-band WiFi routers (those that are compatible with 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz spectrum bands).

To solve the problem, Apple recommended splitting the bands into two separate networks, naming them differently, and making sure that both use the same type of security. If this does not work, Apple recommended resetting the iPad’s network settings.

WiFi problems are notoriously hard to diagnose because signal performance can vary from router to router and many factors can interfere with signal interference.

Via Wired, image via Wired.

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