The Kohjinsha SK3 Convertible Touchscreen Netbook

Not a year ago, this might have been labeled an ultramobile PC, but nowadays we’re calling devices like the Kohjinsha SK3 touchscreen netbooks. The new device is Kohjinsha’s upgrade to the 7-inch SC3 UMPC. What’s different? The new device got a better battery and upgraded cameras, among other things.

While comparisons to the ASUS Eee PC T91 are tempting, the SK3’s convertible resistive touchscreen is 3 inches smaller than that on the T91. The 1.3 GHz Menlow CPU is supposedly fast enough to run Vista. Wi-Fi got draft-n support this time, and old connectivity choices like PCI Express, SD, VGA and Ethernet are still included. The netbook has GPS capability as well.

Unfortunately, we don’t know quite what kind of life we’ll be seeing for the new battery. Pricing is also unknown, but we’ll be on it as soon as the numbers are out there.

Via UMPCPortal.

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