The New Purple NetBook For The Hearing Impaired

Purple Communications is releasing the very first netbook for the hearing impaired – the P3 optimized Purple NetBook. It’s not a netbook in the traditional sense, which could get them a letter from Psion, but offers a multitude of features based on the same principles.

The company is dedicated towards offering onsite interpreting, video relay, and text relay services. They even do remote video intepreting with their NetBook, and hope to cater to the needs of those with hearing problems.

The Purple Netbook uses the versatility of Windows computing plus a videophone architecture to keep users connected with family, friends, and co-workers. Easy internet access and portability define the device, and the integrated webcam and Wi-Fi are perfect tools towards that end.

Netbooks are clearly evolving, and it would be fantastic to see more developments like this in weeks to come.

Via TMCNet.

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