The Tiny But Cheap Elonex ONEt Netbook

The ONEt (Onnet? One-tee?) is a new netbook from Elonex, attacking the netbook sector from the lower end.

However, lower-end doesn’t necessarily mean crappier. If you can stand a 7-inch, 800 x 480 pixel matte screen and 174 minutes of battery life, the £99 ($165) price tag is an absolute bargain. Word has it that the Elonex ONEt is built surprisingly well despite sitting a bit wobbily on uneven rubber feet.

As is always an issue with tiny netbooks, the keyboard is tiny as well. Again, if you can get over that hump, the price is great. The Elonex ONEt runs on a processor with the same architecture as an Aday 5F x86 CPU with 128 MB of memory and 1 GB flash storage. If that’s not enough, an SD card reader is included for expanded storage.

Other bundled software includes an Office-compatible word processor and PDF viewer, though they aren’t yet compatible with Office 2007.

This machine is truly low-scale, and its specs may seem closer to that of an MID than a netbook. Still, if you’ve got tiny hands and a tinier budget, this could indeed be the netbook for you.

Via WhatLaptop.