Things Are Looking Good for the 3G Netbook Market

Why do consumers buy netbooks? Well, one of the main reasons is so they can surf the web wherever they want, whenever they want. So, it shouldn’t be surprising that market research firm iSuppli predicts that 3G netbooks (netbooks embedded with wireless broadband capabilities) will become very in the next couple of years.

In 2009 alone, iSupply expects 3G netbook shipments to reach 17.8 million units, a 70% increase over shipments in the previous year.

is planning on launching its Chrome operating system in the near future, and the expected increase in netbook sales may boost Google’s sales of the new OS. There will no doubt be significant competition from Microsoft (as expected) though, but hey, Google has its followers too.

Via MaximumPC.

Image via StartupMeme.

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