Tips For Overclocking Your Netbook

So you’ve got a nice, new netbook: slim, minimalist, and just the right price for your budget. You load a few apps, link up your Wi-Fi, boot up Torchlight, and – lo and behold – the freaking thing just isn’t fast enough. What’s to be done?

There are tips all over the net for trimming fat on a computer, but another quick and dirty option exists: overclocking your netbook.

Overclocking is about cranking the speed on the machine you’ve got to push it past the limits set in stores. Be warned: this may void your warranty!

When you overclock your netbook, it’s kind of like upgrading your car’s old engine to a newer, louder, sexier one. You’ll get all the benefits of a faster machine, but it’s going to burn a lot more energy.

Netbooks have been overclocked since the beginning. MWI, for example, allows users to boost the Wind netbook to 124% of its original speed.

But I’m getting off track – you want to overclock your netbook, but how can you do it with the least risk? Overclocking is usually a hacker’s game, but luckily for the rest of us, we can walk in their footsteps to bring our netbooks to new heights.

That said, a fantastic place to start is PCAdvisor ’s recent of 5 simple ways to overclock your netbook. Now get over there, and make some magic happen!

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