Tough Tray II Mounts GPS Netbook In Your Car

GPS functionality has been added into a few newer netbooks like the Trimble Yuma or ASUS Eee T91, but rarely have manufacturers imagined the role of GPS to be more than a snazzy new feature… until now. Express Mounts, a division of GPS CITY, has announced the Tough Tray II, an “inter-vehicle mounting solution” designed for netbooks to be incorporated into your next confusing car ride.

We don’t have any pictures just yet, but apparently the cradle is designed to fix netbooks to the dashboard, near the windows, or to the side. It’s a bit difficult to imagine what this would look like but the versatility sounds appealing. It’s easy to see how it could be implemented; I can already see taxi drivers or law enforcement equipping tablet netbooks for logistical or organizational purposes.

Brenton Wingard, VP of Operations, is hoping to spring off of the growth of the netbook market and show consumers how the device expands their potential:

Wingard thinks the new netbook-centric addition to Express Mounts’ line of products shows the versatility of the company, and expects the mounts to be implemented for whatever new devices hit the market.

The specifics and pricing of the netbook mount will decide whether it’s worth your money, but so far it looks like a great accessory to augment your netbook and maximize the uses you can get out of it.

Via PRWeb.

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