TSA Approves of Apple’s iPad

The Transportation Security Administration has clarified in a blog post last week that the iPad will not need to be removed from carry-on baggage at security screening. This news will be welcome to iPad users who travel a lot.

Normally travelers are required to remove laptops at security checkpoints, but the iPad will now be one less thing for travelers to worry about (it’s sort of ridiculous at times, having to worry about shoes, jackets, belts, and laptops). Since the iPad is thin and does not consist of internal parts that can block images, it can stay in people’s luggage.

Other small electronics, such as Amazon’s Kindle and netbooks, are also allowed to stay in the bag. Of course, screeners use their discretion and sometimes do ask for them to be removed.

TSA has said that ultimately, the way to avoid bag searches is to keep the clutter down. Unfortunately, not all of us (especially me) are very good at this.

Via USA Today, image via Apple.

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