Two New Gigabyte Netbooks For 2Q 2009

Gigabyte is launching two new 10-inch netbooks second quarter 2009. They will be set for a higher price category than most netbooks at around $400 and higher. How does it rationalize the high price? They haven’t said, but we’re curious.

Gigabyte is interested in cheaper netbooks as well, a few of which will be surfacing soon. So far they’ve been trailing in the netbook market, behind retailers like MSI and ASUS. It’s only shipped 125,000 units, whereas MSI neared a million and ASUS sold in the millions this year.

The company made some commentary on the competition as well. Gigabyte, noting ASUS’ first-ever quarterly loss, criticized them as “too aggressive.” Gigabyte thinks ASUS had too many products out and relied to heavily on netbooks and notebooks. We can’t say we completely agree with Gigabyte – notebooks have overtaken PCs and netbooks haven’t backed off at all.

Via Techspot.

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