Two New Netbook Announcements To Get Excited About

As part of a new recent trend towards accessibility and efficiency, Dell has announced that its Inspiron Mini-9 will be available with 3G broadband.

CEO Michael Dell confirmed the company’s intentions to sign up more wireless providers for its new netbooks, though he did not specify when.

For a mere $125, Mini-9 netbooks in the United States will be set up to feature WWAN (Wireless Wide Area Network). However, that’s not the best part: AT&T is offering a $120 rebate on it if you sign a two-year contract!

While exciting, the new offer is only going to be available on the newer, XP-running versions of the Mini-9.


The new announcements aren’t only coming from Dell; Taiwanese computer company Acer has some things to say as well. Acer, producer of the well known Acer Aspire One A110, had a big role in getting the netbook ball rolling in the tech industry.

Acer’s Scott Lin announced that the netbooks of the company are expected to get bigger and cheaper in 2009. The new Aspire One will take on a 10″ form around or March of the coming year, a departure from the earlier Aspire One which only measured in at 8.9 inches. Analysts have suggested this is a move to try to take up more space in the market which, though in a sense started by Acer, is now owned by the Dell Mini netbooks, the Eee PC, and MSI’s Wind.

As Black Friday draws closer, new netbook announcements seem to be coming out at light speed. We’re definitely pumped to see what else is coming soon.

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