Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1 Released

Ubuntu 10.04 Beta 1 is finally out, a month before the version’s final release.  Lucid Lynx, as it is codenamed, is a major release which will replace 8.04 for long-term support (LTS).  That means Canonical will support the desktop version for three years and the server version for five.  The most noticeable difference come in a sudden shift of theme and coloring.  Gone is the famous (or infamous) brown theme we had grown up with, and replaced with a theme that is distinctly purple.  This represents the beginning of a potentially different philosophy of Ubuntu Linux in general.

Aside from the surface changes, the focus of Ubuntu 10.04 is the social world. The MeMenu is supposed to integrate social networking into the operating system.  Gwibber plays a much more dominate role now, providing the micro-blogging interface. Firefox now has Yahoo! as its primary search engine and homepage, GIMP has been dropped, but Pitivi, a simple video-editor, has been added.  Also, the nVidia-restricted drivers have been updated, but not selected by default.  Instead, Canonical is encouraging usage of the open-source nouveau drivers.

Expect the final release to be out in April, but feel free to download an ISO or upgrade your current version of 9.10.

Via Ars Technica

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