Upgrade Your Eee PC To Run Windows 7 (Guide)

Upgrading netbooks (or any computer for that matter) can appear to be an unapproachable art to the uninitiated. It takes some fiddling with delicate, expensive products, and a wrong move can cost you a new machine. Furthermore, messing with your machine can void its warranty, which isn’t something many of us want to do.

In other words, if you’re going to upgrade your netbook, know what you’re doing – or at least listen to someone who does.

Tan Kit Hoong over at The Star has undertaken the task of upgrading his Eee PC 901 with the intention of installing Windows 7. The 901 has only 8 GB on the SSD, so Tan is boosting the space and has put together a useful guide if you’d like to do so yourself.

Check it out – it’s definitely worth a look. Good luck!

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