What’s So Magical About the Apple iPad?

Recently, Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook told a group of investors that the iPad’s “magical properties” will be what lures potential netbook buyers towards this new product. However, he seems to have overlooked a simple fact that consumers likely won’t: a netbook is capable of accomplishing essentially any task the iPad can perform, and at a lower cost.

The allure that the iPad brings with it is the user “experience,” though it is debatable how much of a better experience that will end up being. One of the iPad’s primary and most obvious features is its touch-screen interface. For something like the iPhone, there are attractive benefits to using a touch pad, as the interface is easy and flexible. However, that same kind of interface may not be as convenient for buyers in the netbook/notebook market. Many individuals who would seek to use such a product at work might find typing on the screen itself less appealing, as often it is easier to make a typing mistake on touch-screen interface keyboards.

Though the iPad is likely to appeal to those who were wooed by the iTouch and iPhone, it is unlikely that it will be seen as superior to a netbook in terms of capability and function.

Via PCWorld, image via PCWorld.

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