Why We Cannot Pre-Order the iPad

Screenshot from Apple’s website where users can be notified when the iPad is available

The iPad, Apple’s much-hyped device that was announced this past week, will not be available for about three more months. But surprisingly enough, you can’t even pre-order the iPad at this point. This may appear shortsighted on Apple’s part, since many people would probably pay in advance for this device without even seeing it. But the why the iPad is not available for pre-order may surprise some: it’s not legal yet.

Apple does not have necessary approval from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to release the iPad. Though this may seem strange, it’s actually quite in for Apple. After all, the iPhone was announced before it was officially approved by the FCC. No one expects Apple to have any problems getting FCC approval for the iPad. The FCC is pleased with Apple right now because Apple reversed its policy against VOIP calling on AT&T’s 3G network.

Apple announced in an email to its customers that the iPad has not received FCC authorization. It also said that some iPad “features and applications are not available in all areas,” a strange statement that most analysts are not sure what will mean.

Via Wired, image via Apple.

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