Will Apple Get a “Checkmate” for Video With the iPad?

The competition for buyers in the consumer electronics market is like a game of chess, and Apple is strategically waiting to make its move.  Over the past several years online video has become more of a computer-oriented  experience, rather than seeming like a displaced television.  On the other hand, companies such as Netflix were able to begin with the PC and make an excellent transition back to television. So why hasn’t the multimedia juggernaut Apple made the same profitable leap?

Even Wal-Mart, with its fierce small-business crushing fists, attempted to dominate the video-download market –  an endeavour that met with failure. But even Wal-Mart wasn’t kept back for long – Wal-Mart will be acquiring the video-download service Vudu to give video downloads another try.

With the onset of the new iPad, Apple could at last make its big move. Even though there are already portable DVD-players and netbooks with graphics accelerators for watching HD video, the iPad’s features are sure to catch at least some people’s interest. With an  9.7-inch LCD touch-screen interface with excellent image quality, it will be a useful tool for watching videos wherever one wishes.  Online video and movies are a logical next step.

There is also rumor that Apple may be launching a streaming video service, which could really get competitors shaking in their boots.

Via CNET , image via HowStuffWorks.

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