Will Netbooks Transform Into Big Smartphones?

The latest rumor on the block is that netbook manufacturers will start to make netbooks with touchscreens and replace/eliminate trackpads.

Pros? This move would free up space for a larger-sized keyboard with a less cramped feel. Surely this will be a major relief for those with larger hands and longer fingers, if not for everyone.

Cons? Well, for those who hate using touchscreens in general and would rather control a cursor by using a trackpad, these netbooks would be less than ideal. Check out alternatives with relatively larger keyboards, such as Workhorse PC’s Certeza MC10 and some of Dell’s netbooks. Or you could just go with a slightly larger netbook.

Since using your fingers to type on a computer screen may be inconvenient for typing longer blocks of text at a time, eliminating the keyboard altogether might not be the brightest idea. This is why the initial step that netbook manufacturers are planning on taking is replacing/eliminating only the trackpad of the netbook.

Maybe in the future, there will be other improvements and innovations. VentureBeat quips that pretty soon, “the only major difference between a smartphone and a netbook may be the size of their screens and keyboards.”

Via VentureBeat.

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