Will the Average Netbook Size Decrease?

Before we delve into an answer, it should be mentioned that while netbooks today don’t quite provide the same caliber of performance as notebooks, in some cases, they’re just as good as notebooks from just a few years ago. Needless to say, technology is really catching up with us.

Some new Viliv devices provide a new perspective on netbooks – while they’re for sure not smartphones, they’re not quite netbooks either. While these new tablets aren’t quite as functional as typical netbooks, they do provide a more unique design – although at a higher cost.

The Viliv S7 and X70EX both have 7″ touchscreen displays, are powered by Intel Atom Z520 processors, and have 1 GB of RAM. The S7 comes with a swivel screen while the X70EX is a tablet computer.

As the line between a smartphone, a netbook, and a laptop blur even further, do you think the overall trend will be for netbooks to decrease in size (back to the original 7″-screened machines), increase in size, or stay roughly the same?

Via CNet.

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