Windows 7 Netbook OS Could Be Expensive And Slow

A blogger over at Intel has raised some warning flags concerning the upcoming Windows 7 OS, which will arrive in traditional PC/laptop format as well as in a specifically netbook-centric version. You can read his post here.

The blogger, Josh Bancroft, has faith in the OS itself – in fact, he says it “runs GREAT on netbooks.” However he expects some problems to arise having to do with pricing, storage, and other logistical issues.

His first criticism was that Windows & wouldn’t be able to run on netbooks with small SSDs, such as the Gdium netbook whose OS resides on an external flash drive.

Bancroft said that Windows 7 was “Just as fast and usable as XP” on his Eee PC 1000H netbook, on which he runs the public beta. However, considering Microsoft’s weak profit margins in XP sales (the logical behind their desire to port Windows 7 to netbooks), he believes the company will push for a higher price for the upcoming OS. “…[A]dding, say, [US]$100 to the cost of a $400 netbook just to pay for Windows 7 is going to be a tough proposition all around.”

Bancroft is a community builder in the Intel Software Network, but was no spokesperson. The blogger was quick to assure everyone that his opinions don’t necessarily represent Intel’s.

Another concern he raised involved the storage Windows 7 would require – however, his worries seem a bit unfounded. His view is that a 6GB OS would doom smalltime netbooks, “some [of which] are equipped with SSDs that only offer a paltry 4, 8, or 16GB of space, total.” However, the vast majority of netboks offer 80, 120, or 160 GB HDDs, and many of those with SSDs combine them with HDDs as well. It is a tiny portion of netbooks that use a single SSD of such a miniscule size.

Via ComputerWorld.

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