Windows 7 Netbook Pricing Revealed

When Windows 7 hits the streets on 10/22/09, the netbook market could change quite a bit. Microsoft has agreements with netbook manufacturers to start shelling out netbooks with Windows 7 Starter, rather than XP, and with rumors abounding about how crippled the Starter Edition might be it’s looking like netbookers with deep pockets could be asking for an upgrade.

Upgrading to Home Premium from starter will cost $79.99, and will open the door to Aero Peek and Taskbar Previews – widgets designed to improve desktop usability. The Windows Anytime Upgrade will enact the changes through a built-in service in Windows 7 Starter, if users elect to purchase it.

Going from Home Premium to Professional will cost $89.99, and from Home Premium to Ultimate could cost $139.99. It remains to be seen how netbook consumers will react to these numbers, if they’re fazed at all. After all, despite Microsoft’s repeatedly insane antics, 96% of netbooks still run a Windows OS.

The aforementioned pricing applies to Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA. Pricing elsewhere is thus far unavailable.

Via WindowsBlog.

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