Windows 7 On A Netbook

CNet recently published a test of the now-available Windows 7 beta on a netbook.

Windows 7 has been rumored to work very well with computer systems using the Intel Atom, to contrast with Vista which as seemed sluggish. The one exception to this is the Sony Vaio P, which uses an Atom but bumps RAM up to 2 GB.

They installed the beta on “a typical netbook,” which according to the pictures was an MSI Wind, but we wish they’d specified the model. The only initial problem with booting the OS was that it didn’t detect the wireless card, but that was resolved.

CNet’s iTunes benchmark test found, in fact, similar scores to the same test evaluating Windows XP. XP was actually a bit faster, completing the test in 743 seconds as compared with Windows 7’s 760.

According to “anecdotal use,” however, CNet reports that the Windows 7 interface “responded quicker and hung less frequently than Vista.”

The question remains: is Windows 7 really a legitimate option for netbooks? Microsoft is rumored to be working on a netbook-specific version of Windows 7, an interesting prospect, so XP may be retired in the near future.

Via CNet.

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