Windows 7 Will Have an XP Mode!

In an effort to influence users of Windows XP to switch to its latest operating system (Windows 7), Microsoft has been building an “XP mode” for its Windows 7 software that will allow applications designed for Windows XP to run more smoothly. Unlike the case with Windows Vista, Microsoft is trying to make its operating system more compatible with netbooks.

The Windows XP Mode was previously known as Virtual Windows XP. It won’t be available for purchase along with the Windows 7 software, but will instead be downloadable online for those who buy the Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate versions of the Window 7 operating sytem. The release date of the beta version of the Windows XP Mode software has not been stated, but the release date is rumored to be soon.

The way that Windows XP Mode works is the following: First, the user installs selected application(s) in XP Mode. The applications will then be placed on the Windows 7 desktop. They can then be run directly from Windows 7.

Via CNet.

Image via SuperSite.

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