Workhorse PC Makes Customizable Netbook

Workhorse PC, a Texas-based manufacturer of PCs for governmental and academic institutions, has introduced its own netbook, the Certeza MC10. This netbook is relatively more expensive than comparable ones in the market, but is unique for its ability to be customized.

The body of the netbook is rather “boxy” and not as sleek as other similar netbooks, but there is a rectangular slot located on the lid of the netbook as well as a plastic strip that runs along the top of the keyboard that can be customized with labels and text.

The MC10 has a 10″ screen and weighs roughly three pounds. Its keyboard, with black matte keys, allows users to type for extended periods of time, unlike some netbooks which give users a more cramped feel. Located above the keyboard are three shortcut keys (webcam, e-mail, and web browser). As a result of the larger keyboard, Workhorse has had to sacrifice the size of the trackpad; it’s slightly smaller than desired.

Via LaptopMag.

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