Zenid GC Crystal: Smartbook AG’s New $3000 Netbook

Smartbook AG, whose lawyerly antics in the netbook world are well documented, seems to have decided to quit with all the nonsense and do what it’s trained to – make computers. Their latest is the Zenid GC Crystal netbook, bedecked in Swarovski crystals from tip to tail.

The new netbook comes with a 10.2″ WXGA LED display, Intel Atom 1.6 GHz CPU, 2 GB of RAM and a Wi-Fi connection. That doesn’t sound bad, until you consider the cost; the Zenid GC Crystal netbook goes for 299 Euros (around $450) if you don’t want the crystals, and a laughable 2001 Euros ($3000) with the glittery exterior.

My advice? If you’re ready to spend that kind of money on a netbook, get one that actually looks cool.

Via UberGizmo.

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