ZumoDrive Complements Netbook Hard Drives

Need more space on your netbook hard drive? This complaint has been verbalized by many, and ZumoDrive looks to be the answer to that problem.

By adding this virtual drive to your system you can host files in the cloud. What distinguishes ZumoDrive from the many cloud computing tools on the market today is that you can access those files real-time.

ZumoDrive can be thrown in whenever you install a Windows or Mac client, and you just add your files by dragging and dropping. The files can be accessed in any Web browser or PC with the ZumoDrive client installed. There’s an iPhone app as well, and an Android version is on the way.

You can get 1 GB of storage for free, but at $2.99/month you get 10 GB and for $79.99/month, 500 GB.

Via WashingtonPost.

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