1 Dead As Record Flooding Sweeps Through St. Louis

The heavens still rage, and Tuesday, July 26, was a day of rage in St. Louis, Missouri. At the end of it all, one person was reported dead. 

The only known flood victim at the time of writing was someone found in a car in the area covered with more than 8 feet of water. Several puppies were said to have died, too, while firefighters in boats rescued the dogs they could. 

The damage caused by severe flooding was said to have been extensive, with water levels over 12 inches in parts of St. Charles County. 

Lambert Airport wasn’t spared, as records showed that by noon, the downpour had smashed the previous daily record of 6.85 inches set in 1915, when the remnants of a hurricane swept through St. Louis. 

With water swamping the roadways, sections of Interstate 70 were closed as rescuers combed the area. Social media became an avenue for traded residents and drivers to share their experiences about the situation. 

Some drivers tweeted about being stranded on the road for hours, while some residents harped about the uncertainties. 

Amid the uncertainties spawned by the flooding, residents have been urged to remain calm while authorities continue rescue operations. Not panicking, it’s said, might prevent further disaster. 

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