10th Birthday: Kim Kardashian Treats Daughter North To Barbie-Themed Party

Kim Kardashian is not one to spare expenses when it comes to her kids. The dotting mother would do all in her power to ensure her kids have a memorable time. Well, she did it again, during her daughter North’s 10th birthday.

On North’s 10th birthday, Kim Kardashian threw a lavish birthday for her. It had a Barbie theme, with several other kids in attendance.

Although images from the event were shared online, the comment was turned off – potentially to pre-empt negative comments from ruining the kid’s day. But trust social media denizens to find a way around it.

North is Kim Kardashian’s first daughter and also her first child. She has grown into a young little woman that her mother allows so many liberties, to the anger of some social media users, who believe that the entrepreneur and socialite should just allow the kid to be a kid.

Why, for instance, they argued, should she allow North to wear makeup at just 10 years old? Well, there was no such argument at the Barbie-themed birthday bash North had with her friends. Kim Kardashian isn’t here for the arguments and it is doubtful she would ever be. After all, her life is hers to live

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