17 Years After, Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck Rekindle Their Romance

Jennifer Lope and Ben Affleck have reportedly rekindled their romance after they broke up 17 years ago.

The two are said to be picking up the pieces of their relationship from it dropped in 2002. Back then, the two had dated and gotten engaged. But they called off their wedding days before it was to happen, leaving fans of their relationship grieving.

For this set of fans, it looks like the grieving will soon be over, Jennifer having linked up with Ben Affleck. The return to Ben Affleck follows the failure of her relationship with Alex Rodriguez. A-Rod, as he’s fondly called, had allegedly cheated on Jennifer Lopez with a reality star.

Jennifer and Alex had tried to work out the fissures in their relationship but ultimately issued a joint statement in which they informed the world of their split and making it known that they’re better off as friends.

Following the split, Ben Affleck had reportedly reached out to her to find out about her welfare. A source claimed the two are very close at the moment and have gone clubbing together at some point.

By the way, Jennifer had remained friends with Ben even while she dated and eventually got engaged to Alex Rodriguez.

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