Davido Slams Human Right Activist, Says His Life Savings Isn’t Up To 30% Of His Show Fees

comes for Human Right Activist, says his life savings isn’t up to 30% of his show fees.

Twitter was on fire recently after Nigerian pop star, sent the authorities after the two women who tried to pin an alleged pregnancy on him. Popular human rights activist, Kayode Ogundamisi reacted to the supposed tyranny on Twitter writing,

Imagine @iam_ as first Cousin in @StateofOsun with his Uncle @IsiakaAdeleke1 as Governor.

And @MBuhari is meant to be the tyrant o!”

Seeing this, the singer slammed the activist, replying

It pains you that someone half ur age that you can give birth too is Greater than you will ever be … U are a loser , a disappointment…… ur are useless ! Now keep my family name out ur mouth ! Ur whole life earnings no reach 30 percent of my show money and it hurts I know”

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