2 Million Instagram Followers: Khanya Mkangisa Delighted To Receive Congrats From Rick Ross

South African actress Khanya Mkangisa recently reached a milestone of 2 million followers on Instagram, and she was beyond delighted with that significant boost in her online fan base.

While her core fans congratulated her on that milestone, one congratulatory message especially stands out – the one she got from American rapper Rick Ross.

An excited Khanya Mkangisa had shared the message she got from the celebrated American while thanking the 2 million peeps that made her milestone possible.

She’d also revealed she was working in something with Luc Belaire, a brand Rick Ross is associated. Perhaps that was the reason Rich Forever sent her that message of congratulation.

By the way, Rick Ross’ message to the actress is nothing new or surprising. The songster is known to shout out and celebrate his associates who have reached one milestone or the other.

With her 2 million followers, Khanya Mkangisa joins the league of South African celebs who are riding high with seven-figure fans.

Anyway, it remains to be seen what she’s working on with Luc Belaire and what impact the project will make, not just in but for her financial standing as well. We’ll be here to share the details, of course. So stay tuned.

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