20 Years After, Relebogile Mabotja Reflects On Her Journey In The Entertainment Industry

It has often been said that not everyone would have a perfect life at the outset. They have to surmount numerous obstacles to make it to a place they would love to be. This is actually the reality – you might say story – of South Africa’s triple-threat Relebogile Mabotja.

Right now, she is known to be accomplished, but like most people, it was not an easy run – not a walk in the park. First came the vision that she wouldn’t let her circumstances of birth limit her. She’d work hard to be the best she can be. and she put that in motion.

She started out as a 17-year-old triple-threat stage performer on Fame – The Musical. In the years since then, she has delved into other areas and made successes of them as well, earning her place on screen and in the hearts of many South Africans out there. She’s currently 20 years in the industry.

Not surprisingly, many young people now look IP to her, with some readily admitting they would like to be like her when they grow up. Not a bad dream, of course. She’s only too happy people should follow in her steps. They just have to put in the work like he did.

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