2SKEIF, Kwesta Next Single?

Is Kwesta's new single going to be "2SKEIF"

Is “2SKEIF” going to be Kwesta’s new joint?

We don’t know if you’ve heard but Mzansi rapper, might have a new joint coming soon. If you follow him on social media then you might have seen the new post with the number and alphabets that spell “2SKEIF”.

The “I Came I Saw” hit maker recently took to social media to share a snippet of what seems to be a new song with the title “2SKEIF”. You can try pronouncing that all by yourself. He did not share any additional info about the song which makes us wonder if it would be his next single.

The Mzansi rapper also previously announced a new partnership with Jameson on the new challenge, Rap A Verse With Kwesta. The SA star revealed he was looking for a rapper who has more than skill. According to him, he wants to feel what the person is rapping.

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