“4, Not 7 Times” – Lebo M Speaks On The Number Of Times He’s Been Married

South African composer Lebo M has dismissed claims that he has been married seven times in his life, noting he’s only been married four times.

In a recent social media post which has since been deleted, the Grammy-winning act noted that an angry and bitter ex had started a smear campaign against him. He didn’t name the woman, though.

However, in an incisive interview on the set of Podcast and Chill with MacG, Lebo had revealed the “bitter” ex to be no other than Nandi Ndlovu-Goodjohn. According to Lebo M, she started her campaign in collaboration with a journalist, Theo.

The idea, according to him, is to paint him in a bad light – as a serial husband and a villain and derail the positive work he has been doing as a person.

Lebo M and Nandi Ndlovu-Goodjohn have a tangled history. The musician and actor claimed she was responsible for their son’s death. He claimed he had left their then-14-month-old son in the care of a nanny she had just hired back in 2003 to go out to party with her friends, and the kid had drowned in the pool. He claimed she was complicit in his death.

Anyway, Lebo M has since moved on with another woman.

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