50 Cent Gives The Finger To Joe Biden’s Tax Plan, Endorses Donald Trump

Life, as well as business, is a game of interest. People endorse what provides value to them and encourage their dreams, plans, business, ambitions – you name it.

This much became apparent once again when American rapper, record producer and music producer 50Cent endorsed the sitting American president Trump’s reelection despite the president’s alleged racism.

50Cent had rejected trump previously and even declined attending the president’s inauguration in 2016. However, after seeing Joe Biden’s tax plan, 50Cent has raised his hand, flying a Trump flag.

Joe Biden is another presidential candidate in this year’s elections. Biden is proposing taxes of between 58 and 62 per cent for Americans earning about 400k a year. 50Cent shared a clip of the tax plan, showing just how repellent it was to him. He threw the f-word lavishly in the clip which you can check out below.

Some have criticized him for his stand on Trump’s reelection. But the songster could not be bothered. He even joked later that he was broke and asked for peeps to lend him some money.

Have you got some dollars to spare? You might want to fork it over to 50cent or else join us for a good laugh over a “broke” 50Cent.

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