50 Cent Mocks T.I For Saying He Has Five Classic Albums

50 Cent Trolls T.I For Saying He Has 5 Classic Albums

50 Cent shows disbelief at T.I’s claim of having 5 classic albums.

The back and forth between rappers, T.I and 50 Cent has been incredible to see. It all began after the former’s Instagram rant, calling Fif out for a Verzuz battle. Well, of course, you don’t expect 50 to just accept and let them battle it out. He has since been trolling Tip in his usual manner.

Since all this began, fans have been divided on who they think has a better discography. Also, the question of whether they should battle it out has also take over social with some standing for it, and others stating that it isn’t a good fit.

Appearing on The Fat Joe Show, the “Whatever You Like” rapper and Fat Joe discussed their discographies, singling out their most impactful albums. During the chat, Tip agreed that 50’s “Get Rich Or Die Trying” album is a classic. He agreed that you can play it from top to bottom with no skips but suggested that it is Fif’s only classic record.

He went on to state that he has 5 classic albums prompting a reaction from the “In Da Club” rapper. Fifty shared a clip of the interview to his Instagram page and laughed off T.I’s claim of having 5 classic albums.

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